10 Types of Most Wanted Articles on the Internet

10 Types of Most Wanted Articles on the Internet

To wrestle with the world of blog means to be in the art of writing. But not all artists have high value works, so does a blogger. Not all blogs are crowded by people. There are daily only visited 100 people, some are up to millions. Naas, for bloggers who are visited by one person only, that is himself.

Blogooblok never on that ill-fated type. Only visited by myself. That was the beginning of this blog created. Eventually there is also a stray, one, two to thousands of people stray into this place every day. But whether that means Blogooblok already categorized blogs that crowded visitors. The answer is, not yet, but to be grateful.

A friend in one chat session on Facebook asked, what are the Indonesian people looking for on the internet and for a blog, what kind of articles is the most ideal? The first question I have ever answered in a post, the second question we will discuss in this post

1. What This?

The first type I named the article what this? or what is this ?. This type of article hunter very much, not wrong if Wikipedia always be number one if the affairs of this article what this. I always wondered why Wikipedia is always popular on one Google search page, it’s because Wikipedia gives an explanation of something.
Many people ask Google to explain something they do not know. For example for a beginner blogger, faced with an HTML explanation, sure and believe it, he will ask for understanding HTML to Google. There will be many articles about understanding HTML.

2. How to…

No less popular with the type of What This article, how to how articles or how to do something also hunted many readers. When someone has understood the explanation of HTML for example, surely the next ledge that will be done by the information seeker is how to master HTML.
A good writer will gladly explain to others about something he does not know. One of the tips to master this type of writing is to try it directly, and then tell the readers blog so that the impression is not made-there.

3. Tips and trick

The next article type that is not less popular on the internet is tips and tricks. Not surprisingly, there is one website in America that concentrates on content with tips and tricks on various topics. This is because, the number of such article searchers is very much and will continue to grow.
People have the weakness of looking for shortcuts or the fastest way of doing things. For example learning HTML, surely there will be people looking for articles in Google tips to quickly master the HTML or trick so that the HTML learned can run well.

4. Bucket List

Ever watched a Bucket List movie starring Morgan Freeman? If ever then we are the same (hehe). The kind of articles most sought after by readers on the internet is bucket list articles or lists. One example is this paper that explains the 10 most searched article types on the internet.
Articles bucket list is easy-easy hard (more easily than the hard). One of the tips to be able to win competing with this type of article is to provide a larger list of competitors. Suppose someone else wrote 5 tips to master HTML quickly, you write 10 tips to master HTML quickly.

5. Facts and Myths

The fifth type is article facts and myths or facts and myths. This type of writing is also very much loved by people. Things about facts or myths around us can be exciting readings. Suppose you write a mythical women who learn HTML will become an old maid. This will be a reading that people hunt, especially women.
Under the same conditions, you can also write about the fact that there are many beautiful women in the world who become programmers because of mastering HTML.

6. Odd

The sixth article type is odd or odd, strange, foreign, extra, odd or more. This type is an unusual article primarily for our social order. People will be happy to take the time to read an article that he feels odd.
For example, a blogger who does not understand HTML is used as a programmer on Google. Writings that when looking at the title alone, can make a person’s forehead shrink is the kind of article that will be read by people. Regardless whether the contents are good or bad.

7. Free

The free word on Google is worth 8 billion more search pages, while the free word is 1 billion more. That means, many surfers in cyberspace are looking for free. Therefore, articles that are not less popular on the internet is free or free articles.
Not giving free or free articles, but the kind of article that carries the concept for free. For example, download free ebook learning HTML, or free way to master HTML in a matter of hours. Everywhere whose name is free will make people’s eyes widened, especially if the writing Free iPhone 6+ (that I also kepengen).

8. Different

Who says to look different is always a bad connotation. The proof there are many people in the world that big success because dare to be different. So also in the blog world. Not a few articles that carry different or different concepts that even crowded visited. That’s because there’s nothing like the article he made. People will be more pleased with something new.
One example of success is Raditya Dika. Blogger who has now given birth to many books that originally wrote because they want to be different. He targets the concept of humor and humor. In a moment, Radit blog skyrocketed and now has been successful half to death. His steps were followed by many bloggers.

9. Entertainment 

Do not underestimate the entertainment writings. The demand is very much. Especially after the peak hours. People will surf the internet to find entertaining papers. Whether it’s kind of humor or an article about artists and other types of entertainment.
Types of blogs that discuss the life of the artist matter just a lot of numbers, not to mention the review of movies, music, fashion and all kinds of entertainment world. As people are preoccupied with the work that burdens the brain, then at the same time this type of writing will be hunted.

10. News Update

This type of writing is indeed I put it at the very end, because this type of writing is usually very little played by an independent blogger. Type of news news update is usually cultivated by media companies that have great resources.
But not a little too, bloggers who wrestle articles related to the news. Even The Huffington Post, news media, especially politics in America originated from the writings of the Huffington on his personal blog. This time, there was a media in Indonesia born from the womb of a blogger.
Of the 10 types of posts most read by internet users above, which one are you currently in? Regardless of whether your blog niche or gado-gado, all types of articles above can be put together in a single post. It will be even better if it comes with illustrations of images and videos (homemade).
Actually there are still many types of writing that many diincar by readers, but overall the 10 types of articles above represent the outline of the curiosity of the reader. Some friends have also asked, whether the type of writing vent can also be accepted by readers? If this question is casuistic, it exists.
Greetings bloggers and Do not Forget Happy!

10 Types of Most Wanted Articles on the Internet

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  • 10 Types of Most Wanted Articles on the Internet

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