arts and crafts of indonesia

Here Is A Typical Indonesian Craft That Penetrates The World Market!

Here Is A Typical Indonesian Craft That Penetrates The World Market!

Regardless of the problems and challenges faced by our beloved country, Indonesia still has a lot of wealth that makes us as indigenous Indonesians should be proud. How is that There are so many authentic Indonesian products that turned out to be able to steal the hearts of overseas people there.

arts and crafts of indonesia

Apart from food and film, there is one more important and obligatory thing we know. Especially if it is not authentic Indonesian handicrafts that are indeed diverse and each of them is unique by highlighting Indonesian native culture. Who would have thought that it turns out that typical Indonesian handicrafts are popular, even penetrating the world market. Let’s just immediately find out what Indonesian handicrafts are known to go abroad.

Woven bamboo

arts and crafts of indonesia
arts and crafts of indonesia

The handiwork of Indonesian children which is known in the world is woven bamboo. The process of making bamboo matting is generally original using hands but even so, still the end result of woven bamboo is able to steal the attention of many people, including foreign tourists. The resulting woven bamboo is suitable to be used as decoration and is also useful for household furniture such as chairs, food covers, and much more.

Wood carving

Wood carving
Here Is A Typical Indonesian Craft That Penetrates The World Market!

Of course we already know that Indonesian handicrafts definitely highlight beauty as well as complexity both in form, motif or design. But, that is precisely the plus value that is the main attraction of this Indonesian hand. No exception with wood carvings, which are one of the unique and original crafts of Indonesia.

Indonesian wood has superior quality because it grows in tropical countries, besides carvings and carvings made are very good. One of the cities in Indonesia which is famous for its wood carvings is Jepara, proven to be the result of carvings in the form of calligraphy, sculpture and relief from this city that managed to go international to Europe!

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Puppets that are very thick with Javanese cultural traditions are also in demand by foreign tourists and are very famous in the world. Although in the past puppets were often identified with mysticism but, as time went on, puppets are now often used as decorations to beautify the interior of the house because of their unique and artistic forms.

Not only Indonesian people are amazed by this one traditional craft. The tourists who come to Indonesia also target puppets to be used as souvenirs. In addition, puppet shows are still often held especially when this traditional Javanese wedding event has been recognized by UNESCO!

Batik fabric arts and crafts of indonesia

Batik fabric
arts and crafts of indonesia

Wow, if we talk about Indonesian handicrafts that are global, we certainly shouldn’t forget this one. The existence of batik cloth in the eyes of the world can no longer be denied.

The results of this nation’s handicrafts are able to captivate the hearts of people abroad because of the unique motifs of various regions that have their own characteristics, plus a touch of charming color alloy. You need to know too, if it turns out that there are many foreign artists who appear in the public wearing batik-patterned clothes.


arts and crafts of indonesia

Stone and metal arts and crafts of indonesia

Stone and metal
Here Is A Typical Indonesian Craft That Penetrates The World Market!

crafts Surely you are familiar with what is called precious stones? Precious stones that are now being discussed everywhere are apparently not only in the country but also abroad. You need to know that it turns out there are many world celebrities who use authentic Indonesian precious stones, not only that this precious stone is also used as raw material for jewelry companies in the world.

Well, besides precious stones, there are more original accessories from Indonesia that don’t fail to exist, namely the bahar root bracelet. This bracelet from the city of Ternate is made of plants from the sea which will have a beautiful circle on your wrist. Besides being an accessory, the bahar root bracelet is also believed to be able to absorb toxins from the body.

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Ceramics arts and crafts of indonesia

arts and crafts of indonesia
arts and crafts of indonesia

Ceramics are not original from Indonesia, but make no mistake, it turns out that handicrafts made in Indonesia are not less good too! The results of Indonesian-made ceramics are in great demand by foreign markets, including China, which is the country of origin of ceramic producers. Indonesian ceramics that are widely exported are in the form of flower vases, jars, statues, and other home decorations. Even the ceramic business in Indonesia has also been recognized by countries in Europe.



It turns out that there are so many works of Indonesian children known throughout the world. This proves that authentic Indonesian handicrafts are popular and recognized, not only domestically, but also abroad. What are the Toppers? Surely you are more proud to be a native of Indonesia? Come on, we keep and preserve these authentic Indonesian handicrafts.

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arts and crafts of indonesia

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