Asbestos Can Trigger Lung Cancer Cell Growth

Asbestos Can Trigger Lung Cancer Cell Growth

Cancer Cell Growth
Asbestos substances can interfere with pleural

Asbestos is often used in homes as a material for making roof designs. Some considerations that make it popular are the cheaper prices of building tiles. To find it is quite easy because almost all building shops sell it.

The material is quite durable because of its heat resistance, cracking and leaking. Its weight is also light so it makes it easy to install without the help of iron or wood support.

Unfortunately, behind these advantages, asbestos can threaten the health of families who use it. This roof material contains asbestos substances that are harmful to the lungs. The impact will not be felt immediately when you breathe dust from asbestos, but it will begin to look and threaten after 20 years later.

Here are some of the bad effects of asbestos for family health :

Asbestos substances can trigger lung cancer cells

Asbestos is a kind of fiber that attacks silica. Small fibers of asbestos can produce dust under certain conditions. Well, this dust containing asbestos can be inhaled and into the lungs. Exposure to asbestos material for a long time can not only trigger lung cancer, but also other cancers such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Asbestos substances can interfere with pleural

performance Mineral silicate fiber substances contained in asbestos can also cause thickening of the pleura or membranes lining the lungs. This substance can also make the amount of fluid in the pleura increase.
If you have high blood pressure, this substance can cause leakage of fluid into the pleural cavity. As a result. the chest will feel very heavy and painful when breathing. In some cases, asbestos substances can make the sufferer choke while breathing.

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Asbestos causes ARI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection)

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection can occur for several reasons, one of which is asbestos. The fine fiber contained in it will make the respiratory tract dirty. The respiratory tract wall will also get injured and get an infection. Symptoms seen are shortness of breath, chest pain, chest feels hot, and pneumonia. Regularly tidying the house also helps to prevent ARI.

Asbestos causes swelling of the face and neck

Without realizing it, inhaled asbestos dust can make the face and neck swell. The cause is inhaled asbestos dust into the large vein pathway in the chest to the heart tissue. If it is severe, the heart can experience impaired function. Be diligent in cleaning the house to avoid dust.

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Asbestos substances can make breathing short

Asbestos substances that enter the lungs will make it unable to work normally during breathing. Breath will also feel heavy and breathless. Although trivial, the impact of this one is quite dangerous when sleeping because it can cause choking which leads to death. There are several ways you can do to neutralize harmful substances before they actually settle in the body.

For those of you who make contact with asbestos not in the long term (monthly or chronic), asbestos substances can be neutralized by consuming nutritious foods and containing antioxidants and regular exercise.

As a precautionary measure, use a mask if you have to make contact with asbestos. If necessary, drink water or green coconut water to neutralize substances that might be successful. If you are currently using asbestos roofs, switch to other healthier materials such as clay tiles. Share this information and protect loved ones from the dangers of asbestos!

Cancer Cell Growth

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