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Still Burning Basil Cobs

I got the recipe semua bisa from the whole formula, but I skipped the coconut milk – it’s still delicious without coconut milk.

Still Burning Basil Cobs

From the spices used, it looks complicated, but it’s actually not that hard. So you can try those who miss eating grilled rice at a Sundane


Rice Cooker Rice Ingredients:

3 cup rice

1 sheet of pandan leaves

2 bay leaves

1 lemongrass digeprek

2 segments of galangal

As needed salt and broth

as needed water (Sort of cooked rice)

Roasted spices for

Rice Cooker Rice:

8 red onions

4 garlic


250 gr cobs (shredded)

2 bay leaves

1 lemongrass geprek

1 segment of galangal, crushed

1 spring onion

1- 2 bunches of basil

As needed salt and pepper sugar

200 gr petai

Tuna Fish Seasoning:

10 cloves of red onion

3 cloves of garlic

4 red chilies

4 red curly chilies

Other Materials:

Banana leaves for wrapping

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Steps of cooking Still Burning Basil Cobs

1. Make Rice: Wash the rice – enter the rice cooker, add enough water as usual cooking rice. Ongseng 8 onions and 4 garlic until fragrant then put it in the rice cooker with other rice cooker ingredients and seasonings. If you want to add coconut milk, add 65ml of coconut milk (I skip it, it’s still delicious hehe).

2. Blend ground spices until smooth. Prepare other filling ingredients. Roast the ground spices over low heat until fragrant (a little longer here so that it smells really good)

3. Add the bay leaves, lemongrass and galangal. Then enter the shredded tuna and cook for a while. then add water, add sugar, salt and mushroom broth to taste. While continuing to stir until the tuna is a bit dry. Then enter the Petai, Leeks and Basil Leaves and cook again until the basil is slightly wilted. Turn off the heat and set aside. If it’s too wet, the fish will get a little fishy, ​​so I really let it dry.

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4. Prepare banana leaves, cut a square shape / according to the desired size (before that, I burnt a little on the stove, so the banana leaves are weak and easy to shape). So, start arranging, take 1 sheet of banana, give the rice, then put the processed cobs and cover again with rice. Wrap banana leaves and ready to burn.

5. Burn the surface of banana leaves until slightly burnt. I use happy call. If you want to keep it in the refrigerator, it can last up to 1 week, warm it in the microwave if you want to eat it. Still delicious / more pervasive eaten the next day

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