The wasteful habits that make Kanye West twisted into debt

The wasteful habits that make Kanye West twisted into debt

The famous rap music stars are rich. Luxury mansions, private studios, expensive cars, have become their daily lives. One of them can be seen from the figure of Kanye West whose name bounced after marrying the world celebrity, Kim Kadarshian.
Forbes estimates Kanye West earns US $ 1.1 million once a gig. Meanwhile, the total wealth of this controversial figure reached US $ 72 million in the last three years.
Despite the fantastic revenue, rappers as well as fashion designers are openly admitted to being in debt to US $ 53 million !.
This is disclosed Kanye West through twitter account some time ago. Even more embarrassing, he wants Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to lend him US $ 1 billion.
According to his closest people, West was not really broke. He only had serious problems related to financial management caused by super wasteful habits. What is Kanye West? The points below will show it

Kim Kardashian Ring for USD 2.5-3 million (USD 32-39 billion)

Kanye’s wasteful habits can not be separated from his relationship with his wife, Kim Kadarshian. All of this begins when Kanye proposes Kim with a 15-carat diamond of the famous Lorraine Schwartz design of celebrity jewelry. Jewelry expert Michael O’Connor revealed if the price of the ring is worth US $ 2.5 to US $ 3 million.

Private jet fee USD 33,000 (Rp429 million) per trip

Kanye West turned out to be a caring husband but also excessive. He was willing to fly from Paris to Los Angeles by private jet to see a gynecologist when Kim was pregnant with their daughter, North. Travel tesebut cost up to US $ 100,000 or equivalent Rp1, 3 billion.

Interest for Kim for USD 140,000 (Rp1, 8 billion) per year

Every woman likes the flowers not to mention Kim Kadarshian. Still related to his wife’s favorite, Kanye gave it 1,000 red roses for US $ 3,750 or equivalent to Rp 48 million as they celebrate Valentine’s Day 2014. Likewise during Mother’s Day celebration, thousands of white rose roses cost US $ 136,000 or Rp 1.7 billion to meet their luxurious mansion.

Paying a makeup crew for $ 250,000 (Rp3.2 billion)

As quoted from Radar Online, Kanye famous not calculations for the affairs of his wife’s appearance. During Yeezus tour for example, the rapper reportedly spent US $ 250,000 just to hire Kim’s beauty crew. Just imagine, Kanye set up a private jet for stylist, hairdresser, and make up artist to be ready to dress Kim 1 × 24 hours.

Rent a cinema for Kim’s birthday with a minimum cost of USD 5,000 (Rp65 million)

When you want to go to a cinema, you’ll be looking for a movie schedule to watch, queuing up tickets, and choosing a seat. But not so with the phenomenal pair of Kanye West and Kim Kadarshian. When you want to watch a movie, Kanye will rent a cinema out Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas just for both of them. The luxurious cinema is special because it provides leather chairs and a salon outside the studio.

The wasteful habits that make Kanye West twisted into debt

Last Christmas, Kanye West gave Kim more than 150 prizes including a multicolored Louis Vuitton fur coat with a unit price of US $ 39,000 or equivalent to Rp 507 million. According to Kim’s admission to Vanity Fair, her husband is not just shopping online for her. Kanye also sent his assistant to Italy to get the best items for Kim.

Christmas gift 2014 for North for $ 74,000 (Rp962 million)

Richest baby title in the world seems not excessive pinned on the baby Kanye and Kim. Their first child, North get a gift of a toddler tiara (crown) for children under $ 74,000 or equivalent to Rp 962 million in christmas 2014.

Haircut service USD 500 (Rp6, 5 million) per day

Kanye West is very attentive to her hair. When she and Rihanna toured in 2010, she reportedly cut her hair daily and paid for the service of $ 500 or $ 6.5 million per day. No doubt, during the tour, he spent US $ 182,000 or almost Rp 2.3 billion just for haircut services.

Bel – Air Mansion for USD 11 million (Rp143 billion)

In 2013, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian bought a 9,000-square-foot villa in Bel-Air, Calif. Gym, cinema, salon, bowling, basketball court, indoor and outdoor pools are a handful of luxuries in their villas.

Hidden Hills Mansion for USD 20 million (Rp261 billion)

“After having children, we realize it takes more space,” Kim said of her decision and Kanye bought a luxury mansion as her second home. If for other couples, the space in question is an additional room in the house, but for the phenomenal couple, additional space is defined as a luxury mansion worth US $ 20 million or Rp 261 billion. Reportedly, the mansion has an area of 3.5 hectares with two swimming pools, two spa units and a vineyard.

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