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Golden State Killer

The case of serial killings committed by The Zodiac Killer occurred within ten years, around the 1960s, has scandalized the United States. The identity of the perpetrator who claimed to have killed 37 lives is still mysterious.

The perpetrator, who is suspected of this man, began his action, some 50 years ago in Northern California. Local media dubbed The Zodiac Killer, because there was always a letter saying the word zodiac was sent to a number of local media, every time there was an act of murder. Allegedly, the letters came from the serial killer.
No one ever knows who sent it. What is clear, in every letter that sent the cryptogram stored and confusing codes. The examination of three of the letters sent has not been completed until now.

In one of his letters, the perpetrator asked the media to have the letter he sent on the first page. If not done, he threatened to commit another murder every night. Finally, the three media publish their writing with the headline of the letter claimed from the killer.

In one of his letters sent to a local newspaper, the author has claimed to have killed 37 times. However, after local police conducted an investigation, only 7 people are known to be victims of Zodiac Killer action, even two of whom escaped death.

The victims of the evil Zodiac Killer action were murdered in four different places, among them Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa, and in the San Francisco area. The victims were four men and three women estimated to be 16 to 29 years old.

From local police data, the first murder allegedly committed by Zodiac Killer is the shooting of Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday on June 20, 1968 in the area of ​​Lake Herman Road, Benicia.
The next victim was Michael Renault Megeau and Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin. The couple was shot on July 4, 1969 in a parking lot at Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo. Michael survived the attack, but Ferrin was declared dead while on his way to the hospital.

Unlike the previous action, the perpetrator tried to kill the couple Bryan Calvin Hartnell and Cecelia Ann Shepard by piercing. Both of these victims were attacked in Berryessa lake area on September 27, 1969. Bryan survived with 6 stab wounds behind his body, while Cecelia got a pretty severe injury and could not survive. He was declared dead on September 29, 1969.

The victim of the seventh serial killings by police version is Paul Lee Stine, 29 years old. This man was shot dead on October 11, 1969 in the neighborhood of Presidio Heights, San Francisco.

Who Zodiac Killer

A number of suspects have been arrested by the police, but there is insufficient evidence to establish that they are involved in this serial killings. San Francisco police finally closed the case in 2004. Police admitted difficulty in investigating this case. But in 2007, the case was reopened. The case was also reopened in Vallejo City, Napa County, and Solano County. In fact, the Justice Department in California has been investigating the case since 1969.

The identity of the Zodiac killer is still mysterious to this day. His unique behavior and cruelty make some people think The Zodiac Killer is a psychopath.

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