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Labor Day is a national holiday in Indonesia.

While Labor Day is also celebrated in various countries around the world, this holiday is very important for many Indonesians who work. International Labor Day is recognized in Indonesia on 1 May each year.
In 1920, the people of Indonesia celebrated International Labor Day to support their desire for expanded workers’ rights and higher wages. While International Labor Day is not a national holiday during this period, it is still very important for the working class in Indonesia. Indonesians generally celebrate International Labor Day on May 1st until 1967.
In 1967, President Sukarno was overthrown by Suharto, a conservative military leader. The Indonesian people do not support this political change. Sukarno was a beloved Indonesian patriot who risked his life many times for his people. Many scientists believe that Sukarno was overthrown for his support of socialist policies.
The New Order was an anti-communist regime based on military leadership. With the New Order in power, demonstrations, public demonstrations, and labor rights movements banned in Indonesia. As a result of this, the celebration of International Labor Day in Indonesia is considered illegal. If an Indonesian citizen participates in International Labor Day celebrations in the New Order period, they may be incarcerated.
After years of oppressing the people of Indonesia, Suharto’s New Order collapsed in 1998. In 2013, President Yudhoyono gave the will of the Indonesian people and decided to set International Labor Day as a national holiday. On May 1, 2014, International Labor Day was officially celebrated for the first time in Indonesia since 1966. Each year, more than 150,000 people flock to the streets of Jakarta to participate in May Day celebrations.
The biggest International Labor Day event in Indonesia is the Workers’ Front. Every year, many people gather in Jakarta to march to the Presidential Palace. The parade is centered around themes such as overcoming oppression. People who participate in the Workers’ Front often wear their union uniforms. Flags and banners are also commonly used. The theater protest on the Manpower issue is also a common view during the Workers Front.

world labor day

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